Chase paid, billed more interest

I’m so not happy…I paid off my Chase card last month in FULL & Early and they just sent me another bill for interest!! That is crap. I called them to pitch a complaint and she wouldn’t budge in letting it go. I even paid it early..It was due on the 16th and I paid them on the 8th.. I told them that the last guy I talked to said if I paid it off in full that I wouldn’t have to pay anything else. I told her that, and she still didn’t budge. Plus, I told her that Discover card, which I paid off last month, gave me a break but she still wouldn’t budge. I HATE CREDIT CARDS!!! I can’t wait till my last $4,000.00 is done…I’m gonna call and complain to the Better Business Bureau..

How much is Chase screaming about? Before you send them a dime, have them send you, in writing, a pay-off balance if paid by x date.

I had a similar situation with Sears where they could not give me a pay-off, I told them that since I was at the store and paying the card off, that I was paying the current balance and they could sue me for any balance. That was 2 years ago and I have never heard from them since.

How much was the interest? And there was interest accrued from that statement until you paid it off, even if before due date. Better yet file a complaint with the FTC. Go up the food chain, never take the first person’s word, keep going up the ladder.

It sounds like the first guy didn’t know what he was talking about! They bill interest daily, so because you carried a balance for some portion of the month, you were bound to be billed something. Annoying as heck though and it sure doesn’t seem right.

I’m having an irritating CC experience in the same vein. I have a card that the number somehow got stolen. I logged in online to see these charges I didn’t make, all listed as “pending.” The cc company’s response was to say, “oh, our fraud dept can’t do anything about those until they post. You’ll have to wait until they post and then call back.” WHAT?!?!? I was sooo mad!

So I paid off and closed that card. Turkeys. Now I’m waiting for my little interest bill to come in. I’m down to amounts due on two cards (and a loan to my credit union). I can’t wait til I get down to ZERO.