Being Creative and Budgeting: How Associated Content Has Helped Me Meet My Goals

Here’s my old story to share with you:

I stumbled upon Associated Content quite by accident one evening. As a private tutor, I was working late checking over a student’s essay and found a reference link to Associated Content. Most Universities are source snobs; meaning 90% of internet sources are seen as unreliable.

I looked over the website trying to decide if the reference could stay or if it would have to be cut out of the work. I decided the source was perfectly acceptable as the author had used references from scholarly journals, but as I moved on I was still intrigued by the site. I bookmarked it for later use.

A few days later I had a lull during my working hours and decided to check out the website once again. I saw the signup page and figured I might as well give it a shot. As a journalism student, I had been in the trenches of a newspaper and was looking for something that would allow me to really explore the web side of journalism and also allow me to write on topics that I was interested in.

My intentions were never to pay the bills with Associated Content money, I had that all but covered with tutoring and other freelance work I was doing, but AC allowed for something even better; spending money.

Get more ideas on how to start from this video:

As Paypal began to expand its list of partners and accepted sites I began to find a new use for my Associated Content money. With the ability to order merchandise online I found an Associated Content perk that I never would have expected; a budgeting tool.

I had been a casual Paypal user for some time so once I saw money rolling in from Associated Content via my work and calls for content I quickly put it to use ordering merchandise I wanted. Shortly thereafter I accepted the PayPal debit card and have not looked back since.

It works quite well for me. I use my Associated Content pay to buy the luxuries I previously couldn’t afford and am able to pay my bills and put money in savings from my other job. In the months that I’ve been working with Associated Content, I’ve found everything seems to flow together seamlessly in regards to my finances.

I’m no longer dipping into money I shouldn’t be touching to buy the leather jacket I just had to have or the shoes that were so sexy but pinched my toes. When AC money accumulates enough then those items are mine.

Besides the money issue, Associated Content has given me the chance to really expand my writing expertise. While working on papers I found I was forced to write on topics I had little or no interest in. While that is simply part of the job as a creative person I found it to be a bit stifling.

The feature like the feel of Associated Content allowed me to truly delve into topics of interest or topics that I was particularly passionate about. Not only am I making extra money but I am also quenching my thirst for stories that truly capture my interest.

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